by Marx Toys

Marx Toys Mechanical Gorilla

Mechanical Gorilla

A pretty beat-up Marx gorilla. It's missing the metal wrist bands and chain. If this one worked it would walk forward and beat his chest as his mouth open and closes.

Click here to see a video review by Bergen Pickers

Height: 7"

by Masudaya (Modern Toys)

Shooting gallery roaring gorilla

Tin toy electronic gorilla. When you shoot his the target on his belly his eyes light up, his arms raise and he roars!

Click here to watch a video demonstration.

by Mattel | 2010

Masters of the Universe Gygor


Masters of the Universe® Evil Fighting Gorilla

The only yellow gorilla I've ever seen that doesn't look ridiculous.

Height: 10"

by McFarlane Toys | 1998

McFarlane Toys Cy-Gor 2 Figure

Cy-Gor 2

Cybernetic Gorilla from Spawn comic book.

Sometimes McFarlane Toys are really great or utterly terrible. This one is awesome!

My one gripe with this figure is the plastic used for the figure makes it feel cheap. It's different from the heavier material used in the other figures. Cy-Gor is a very light figure despite his size.

Height: 8.75"

by McFarlane Toys | 2006

McFarlane Toys Animated Cy-Gor Figure

Animated Cy-Gor

from The Adventures of Spawn series

Height: 7"

by McFarlane Toys | 1999

McFarlane Toys Techno Spawn Code Red Figure

Code Red

from Techno Spawn series

Height: 6"

Once again, McFarlane toys makes an excellent original gorilla figure.

by Chap-Mei

Chap Mei Pounding Chest Gorilla

Height: 10"

A pounding-chest gorilla that looks remarkably like the McFarlane version of King Kong.