Action Figures

King Kong

by Mezco Toyz

Kong of Skull Island Action Figure

The King Kong of Skull Island figure stands approximately 7" tall, is designed with over 25 points of articulation, and includes interchangeable hands and head portraits.

by Lanard

Giant Kong of Skull Island 18

Giant 18" Kong from Skull Island. Exclusively sold at Wal-Mart.

by Playmates

Kong vs V-Rex Battle

A rare Kong vs V-Rex battle toy. Kind of works like Rockem Sockem Robots. There spots on the chest of Kong and side of the V-Rex that when hit will cause them to collapse.

by McFarlane Toys

1933 King Kong action figure from McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs series

Height: 10"

A pretty good sculpt. Not exactly screen accurate though. Something is off with the face and I don't know why Ann Darrow is now a brunette in a red dress. Must be based off of this movie poster.

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by S.H. Monsterarts

S.H. Monsterarts super-poseable King Kong action figure

Height: 6"

Comes with extra hands and faces (even stupid goofy faces) for various poses.

One complaint about this figure: in the attempt to make it super-articulated, there are lots of ugly seams and hinges that ruin the integrity of the fur and detract from the sculpt.

Aside from that, it's a great figure and probably the last one we'll see for awhile until the Skull Island movie comes out in 2017.

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by Playmates

King Kong action figure from Playmates

Height: 6"

by Playmates

Roaring V-Rex action figure from Playmates>

Height: 6"

The best looking V-Rex toy made. It's a shame the vinyl version by X-plus didn't look like this.

by Playmates

Supreme Kong from Playmates

Height: 13"

He roars. He pounds his chest. He has motorized wheels in his hind legs that make him awkwardly roll across the floor.

I love a big Kong toy, but they should've left it at just a roaring, chest-pounding ape.